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New Hope Group is one of China’s largest privately-owned entities, with more than 600 subsidiaries and nearly 70,000 employees, New Hope is involved in a wide range of sectors, from agriculture and real estate to infrastructure, chemical engineering, finance and insurance.

Internet of Things formed a joint venture with New Hope Group to become one of the top domestic ‘intelligent plant’ big data platform operational service providers. We focus on data monitoring and analytics by means of professional consultation and manufacturing process optimization in order to transform traditional manufacturing operations into advanced, ‘smart’ industrial internet of things facilities.

Industrial IoT technologies for big data monitoring and analytics

The JV is focused on converting big data through analytics by means of professional consultation and manufacturing process optimization in order to transform traditional manufacturing operations into advanced, ‘smart’ industrial internet of things enabled facilities.

Through data acquisition, monitoring, analytics, and knowledge transfer, the JV has created solutions to optimize operational efficiency, reduce operating expenses, and fill the void in M2M communications.




Weather Telematics (WTX) is a Canadian-based, global IoT data science company offering road safety data products for industrial, government and consumer markets. WTX is at the forefront of the explosive growth opportunity presented by the combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the rapidly expanding Autonomous Vehicle market.

Weather Telematics operates a proprietary hyper-local mobile sensor network to generate road weather data products for enterprises, governments and consumers.

By modelling and analyzing weather and traffic data together, Weather Telematics has created solutions to mitigate weather risk, reduce traffic congestion and make mobility safer. 


Internet of Things has entered into a global distribution partnership with WTX. The market size for AI systems for smart transportation is projected to be U$220 Billion by 2021, and U$87 billion by 2030 for Autonomous Vehicle Systems.

Artificial intelligence and predictive analytics for Autonomous Vehicle Systems

Weather Telematics Product Features:

  • Advanced Data Fusion
  • AI/Predictive Platform
  • Hyper-local/Real-Time Data
  • Industry-Leading Accuracy
  • Proven Technology




Braingrid is a blockchain cannabis tech company, whose wireless sensing and data collection   platform enables medical cannabis growers to securely monitor, analyze and optimize their cultivation data.

By providing an affordable, versatile and quick-to-install sensor platform, Braingrid has created data-driven solutions to mitigate crop risk, increase yield, assist with compliance, and decrease operating and utility costs.


  • Make proactive, data-driven decisions that impact yield
  • Immediately identify and address microclimates, or other suboptimal grow conditions
  • Easily collect data while testing new grow implementations, like LED lighting
  • Print off traceability or compliance reports easily

    Here’s just some of what you can monitor:


    • Relative humidity (RH)
    • Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD)
    • Temperature
    • CO2 and O2
    • Light quality
    • Air quality (VOCs)
    • pH
    • Moisture content (EC)



    Blockstrain is a blockchain cannabis technology company that has developed a comprehensive cannabis genetics archiving platform, aimed to transform the way global cannabis business transactions and operations are conducted.

    By providing an incorruptible environment that automates, accelerates and encodes transactions from seed-to-sale, Blockstrain has created solutions to mitigate risk, ensure transparency and accountability, and provide security and validation for all involved parties.

    BlockStrain’s technology also allows cannabis companies to easily and reliably track every shipment of product around the globe.


    Customer Benefits:

    • Comprehensive cannabis genetics archive
    • Digital ecosystem that encourages genetics & IP contribution
    • Security, authenticity and validation through blockchain
    • Assistance with compliance
    • Combines traditional cannabis with modern cryptocurrency
    • Intelligent platform powered by rewarding contributors

    A 2016 Deloitte report estimates the base retail market value of recreational marijuana could be up to $8.7 billion. With ancillary services such as security thrown in, Deloitte projects a total market size of $22.6 billion. In arriving at these estimates, Deloitte included another 17% of respondents who said they “might” try marijuana if legalized, “suggesting the total potential marketplace…is close to 40% of the adult population.”

    Internet of Things Inc. has invested $100,000 into Scorpion Resources, Inc., who has entered in to an agreement to acquire Blockstrain, which will serve as its Qualifying Transaction.

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