While the initial stages of the Internet’s development had profound implications for the technology industry, the implications of the Internet of Things (IoT) will prove even more far-reaching as by its inherent characteristics it is a movement that we believe will reach beyond tech to impact every industry.

So what is IoT? “The Internet of Things connects devices such as everyday consumer objects and industrial equipment onto the network enabling information gathering and management of these devices via software, or achieve other health, safety or environmental benefits.” – Kevin Ashton, British Technologist at MIT who conceived the term in 1999.

Just like the initial waves of the Internet led to profound economic change, the Internet of Things will usher in a new period of adopters based on companies’ abilities to adapt to an interconnected world and identify and develop new verticals and technologies that have disruptive potential.

Our mission at Internet of Things Inc. is to be a key software and solutions provider and IoT industry acquisition company focused on developing emerging integrated technologies, bridging middleware for management of the networked life and developing “Tomorrow’s technology, today.”